Introduction to Xi’an Museum

Xi’an was referred to as Chang’an in ancient times, having been the capital for 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang etc. for more than 1000 years in history of China and the city as capital of the largest number of dynasties for longest duration in ancient China. Xi’an is also the origin of “Silk Road” in ancient time and the first international metropolis in history of China.

Xi’an Museum highlighting history and culture of Xi’an is located in middle section of Zhuque Street in the south of Xi’an, covering an area of 245mu (a unit of area) and composed of three parts including museum, site of Jianfu Temple in Tang Dynasty and Historical and Cultural Park of Small Wild Goose Pagoda, with museum, tower, temple and park enhancing each other’s beauty and bringing out the best in each other,being distinctive among museums in China......